About Us

Born in 1985 Elasa is the proud mother of four amazing children.

She has dedicated the largest portions of her life to helping people in their various walks of life.

From social activism to the spiritual in nature, Elasa walks a path that few do.

On a constant search for truth, she can usually be found either doing research, or more actively trying to make a difference in society.

After various health issues in her family began to arise, Elasa began seeking alternatives to big pharma.

She realized what all the pharmaceutical companies were doing, creating customers and not cures.

That’s when through her research she discovered that everything on Earth is connected through frequencies.

Thus began her research into crystals and how they affected the human body.

Years have passed since then and it has been a pleasure to watch her growth, not only as an “expert,” but as a human being as well.



I’m just the proud guy lucky enough to be called her husband.